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AU:tour is our popular flightcase-mounted, touring control rack. This plug-and-play wheeled cabinet is built for touring, with simplified operation via touch panels and the capacity for enhanced remote diagnostics using broadband connectivity.

AU:tour is used primarily for rock concerts, musicals, small-scale and short-run theatre productions and corporate events, but has proven useful for permanent venues that wish to keep their automation system portable and ultra-flexible.
The system consists of a number of modules, which allows the system to be configured for anything from a short term theatre winch rental, to a long running large musical with many axes (for more details see the AU:tour technical page). AU:tour is ideal for use with our BigTow winches but may be used with other equipment too, such as stage lifts, tracks and numerous other applications.

AU:tour is available now from our rental team and can be provided at short notice (subject to stock).

 AU:tour Modules    
 AU:tour 6    
  • Up to 6-axis drive rack
  • Motor modules available in 4.8kW, 9.7kW or 16kW sizes
  • Maximum combined power output of 55kW to suit application
  • Encoder inputs via DRIVE-CLiQ
  • Touch screen for manual control and diagnostics
  • Synchronisation across 10 units
 AU:tour 1    
  • Single-axis drive rack
  • 30A (16kW) drive
  • Onboard manual control / optional joystick control
  • 220-480V ac or 380-480V ac supply
  • 19-inch rack mountable
 AU:tour ACU    
  • Analogue control for up to 4 variable-speed axes (inc. hydraulic)
  • Spare I/O for additi onal control
 AU:tour DCU    
  • Digital control for up to 4 fixed-speed axes
  • Spare I/O for additional control
  • Dual-function outputs (standard 24V dc / volt-free contact)
 AU:tour Link    
  • Connects up to 5 AU:tour control units
  • Connects up to 5 remote E-Stops
  • Connects up to 2 control desks
  • Can be daisy chained to create a larger system
  • 19” rack mountable 4U
 AU:tour Link E-Stop   
  • 10 x E-Stop connections
  • Integrated control point for Nomad or Solo
  • E-Stop operator feedback passed to control console
  • 19” rack mountable 4U
 AU:tour SIL3    
  • Addition of SIL3 monitoring functi ons for up to 12 axes
  • IEC 61508 / SIL3 compliance
  • 19” rack mountable 4U
 AU:tour SIL3 expansion    
  • Adds additional 12 axes to AU:tour SIL3
  • 19” rack mountable 4U
 AU:tour Sculptor    
  • Runs multiple control units in synchronised group
  • Ideal for 3D flying and other complex movement
  • 19” rack mountable 2U
 AU:tour WAP  
  • Connects up to 2 wireless connectivity points over ProfiNet
  • Combines E-Stop signal and operating commands onto single industrial wireless link
  • 19” rack mountable 4U