Acrobat G6 Desk

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Stage|Set|Scenery 2019

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9 Falcon Park, Neasden Lane
NW10 1RZ
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Stage|Set|Scenery 2019

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The G6 is the latest generation of Acrobat, the renowned theatre automation control desk that first began setting industry standards over 15 years ago. Since that time, Acrobats have been at the heart of countless stage automation projects and celebrated productions around the world. We owe the success of the Acrobat-G6 to years of practical testing and experience gleaned from our customers and in-house automation specialists.

The G6 features 6 playbacks, 24 shortcut keys, dual 20" widescreen monitors, dual redundant power supplies and dual processor boards as well as all the other desk elements included as standard across our control range, such as dead man’s handle and Windows® Embedded operating system.
The powerful combination of 6 playbacks and the shortcut panel enables one-touch control of preprogrammed power flying and performer flying, as well as the ability to easily display the status of external equipment and to provide quick access to frequently used control desk functions. With its unique dual characteristics providing enhanced capacity and back up potential the G6 is a natural choice for installations requiring a fixed operating position.

 Product Features

  • User configurable display - graphical and/or textual
  • 3D graphics enables previews of deads and next move
  • State (cue) list
  • Query function
  • Dual LCD screens
  • 6 concurrent users
  • 6 playbacks
  • Manual moves (joystick)
  • Move to position speed and acceleration (defined or default)
  • Move to position (time specified)
  • Move to position with delay (speed or time specified)
  • Multi-target move (32) individual speeds, accel and delays
  • ‘Teach & Learn’ move (1D, 2D or 3D)
  • Move to state (cue) key
  • Next/last keys
  • State (cue) reverse
  • Jump to any state (cue)
  • Role based states when in multi user operation (optional)
  • Rigging and referencing (optional)
  • Remote dead man’s handle by state (cue)

  • Free groups - all move independently
  • Safe groups - all move independently - fault on one stops all
  • Locked groups - all move in precise synchronisation
  • ‘Teach & Learn’ group

 Logging & Data
  • Logging of user commands, desk temp and other system data
  • Start/stops, position changes and axis errors
  • Full user rights model in terms of administrator, and who can operate by job role, or physical operating position

System Connectivity
  • F:light - moving lights tracking automation
  • Connect - remote diagnostics and off site backup
  • WYSIWYG, Medialon show control, 3D video control