Faber Courtial


Rheinstr. 99
64295 Darmstadt

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Phone: +49 6151 599 26 0
Fax: +49 6151 599 26 22
Stage|Set|Scenery 2019
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Exhibitor profile

Studio for digital worlds

Faber Courtial is provider of high-quality, entertaining VR films as well as producer of VR film produktions on behalf of clients. The company is one of Germany’s leading VFX and VR studios. With their top-level animations, Faber Courtial has been inspiring viewers since 1998, both in museums and high-profile television documentaries. One of the company's core competences is the photorealistic representation of past scenarios and dimensions that are not visible, such as space, earth's interior or Nero's Rome 2,000 years ago.
A logical consequence of the company's ambitious endeavor to continuously break new ground was entering the world of Virtual Reality back in 2014. With their award winning documentaries "Volcanos VR" and “Gladiators in the Colosseum VR” for German broadcaster ZDF, Faber Courtial established itself as a VR pioneer on the German market and as premium provider of virtual reality content. The company’s outstanding VR film productions are internationally renowned and have screened on numerous film festivals as well as been awarded with various awards, such as the Grimme Online Award and the EMEA Lumiére Award. Since 2018, Faber Courtial has been producing independent VR film content.
One of their latest, awe-inspiring VR documentaries is “2nd Step", a thrilling VR journey through space, from Moon to Mars and beyond. With the completion of this project, the company is entering a new era: after the production of VR films on behalf of external principles, Faber Courtial just started with the in house-production and distribution of its very own, independent VR content. Their first project is the VR series “Follow Me”. The first season on Ancient Rome has just been completed; the second season dealing with the Apollo missions is currently in production and will be available in July 2019.
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